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Welcome to the ADS Quick Lease

This exciting end-user lease program provides you with the versatility of leasing dishmachines without the capital investment. A "No Dealer Obligation" lease provides you with instant profits, once the dishmachine is installed.

Equipment costs are computed with lease factor rates for individuals that have owned their businesses for over two years and they have good credit. Rates are slightly higher if ownership is less than two years. In addition, ADS offers start-up rates for qualifying individuals with a maximum exposure of $5,000. Two payments in advance are required for ownership under 2 years. Also included in the equipment cost is a $50 lease documentation fee and estimated freight charges. Actual charges will be used in the calculation of your profit check.

Most transactions happen by email. After you fill in the "Equipment Seller" information, have your customer complete their portion of the application. Then fax it to our office. Once approved, the leasing company will fax or email the documents. Get them signed, collect the deposit, fax, and mail. Upon receipt of the Purchase Order, a new ADS dishmachine will be drop shipped to your customer. Once installed, ADS will be funded and your profit check for the "No Dealer Obligation" lease will be on its way.

After you have had a chance to review this exciting leasing opportunity, your ADS sales representative may contact you to answer any questions you may have or to fine-tune the ADS Quick Lease to your specific requirements or needs.

American Dish Service End-User "Quick Lease"

This simple, easy to use program will enhance your chemical distribution while increasing profits! Now you can be competitive with any traditional rental program but with the value added sales tool of "Your customer owns the machine at the end of the term"!

Simply fill out your section of the lease application, the bottom portion that says "Equipment Seller" and have your customer fill out the rest. Once it is completed, fax it to our toll free "Quick Lease Application Line" at 800-367-5859.

Generally within 24 hours you will be receiving your lease approval and documentation package via email. If we require anything besides the deposit check and the signed lease, we will request it on your lease approval sheet. Have your customer sign the "docs" and be sure to collect the requested deposit check (one payment in advance). That is right, just one payment in advance - this is more competitive than most rentals - and your ADS dishmachine will be on its way!

The fast, simple ADS "Quick Lease" provides you with the competitive edge, a high quality ADS dishmachine and a low monthly payment. This, combined with your distinctive products and your high-level commitment to customer service, create the winning team for all warewashing programs.

To insure proper processing of the "Quick Lease" credit application, remember the following four easy steps for accurate, fast lease transactions.

1. You need to fill out the Equipment Seller section of the lease located at the bottom of the application. Put your company name, your name, cell number, and provide the correct email address for sending documents.

2. Note the model of dishmachine needed in the equipment description (make sure we know if it is a corner or straight through machine), write in the Equipment Sales Price , 60 months in the Term box, Monthly Payment, and Purchase Option.

3. Have your customer fill in the rest and fax the completed application to the ADS "Quick Lease" toll free processing line at 800-367-5859.

4. Shortly, you will receive email lease documents. Have your customer sign the lease documents and collect the deposit check; fax a copy of the signed documents and a copy of the check to the lender. Put all original documents in an envelope and mail to the address on your document cover sheet and your ADS dishmachine is on its way!
Simple - Easy - Quick!

A leasing trick! Do not send the documents direct to your customer. Part of good customer service is closing the deal! You need to make sure your customer properly signs the documents (signed by the person who's name is listed in the lease papers) and writes the check for the proper amount made out to the lender, so have us send the documents to you! Keep a copy for yourself until you have been paid your profit for the lease.

"Leasing Notes"

This lease is designed for customers that have owned their business at least two years! Restaurants that are under two years in business are considered new start-ups. When selling to a new start-up, please explain that we will do everything we can to get them approved. If their personal credit is good and they own their own home, many times we can get them approved with shorter terms and a larger down payment. Cover this issue during your initial presentation. This procedure is critical to prevent aggravated customers.

Another tip! Do not submit application with missing information. Have your customer complete all of the blanks. Lease applications cannot be processed without the years in business and the social security numbers of the principals.

Finally, if this is a new location for an existing restaurant, please provide us with the name, address, and telephone numbers of the other restaurants. This procedure will allow the lender to consider this new location as an established business. Now this end-user will qualify for one payment in advance and 60-month terms. Please feel free to write this information on a seperate piece of paper.

If you have any questions regarding procedure, the lease process, or approval information, please feel free to call your ADS representative or our corporate office at 800-922-2178. A final note, once you have faxed a lease application, you should hear from someone in our office within 24 to 48 hours. If you do not get a voice mail, check with us, we may not have received your application.

We thank you for considering the ADS Quick Lease!

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